Thursday, August 19, 2010

Harder But Happier

"We lived every day with the knowledge that we could meet a final end at any moment. There was constant excitement and frequent fear." 
- Quoted from a novel by Stephenie Meyer, The Host.

For almost ten weeks, I've been living in a very cruel world that I'd created for myself. I do not blame anyone for any mistake that I made or feel remorse at everything I had done. Yes sometimes I did, but I'm not the "I-will-die-when-Harry Potter-sequence-end" type of person. I think I am a center of gravity for anything that called PROBLEM. Maybe God is trying to show me something - or try to tell me that He still love me. But I gained experience and lesson from every situation that I faced - in a very childish way. Life is such a wonderful treasure.

Why harder? Imagine yourself as Alice in Wonderland surrounded by big and large strange faces. Living in people's place made me felt tiny but I'm not a baby anymore. The process of going through life is always hard (except for Paris Hilton of course). Some might lose hope, some might break down. That is because they didn't see the goodness in life had in store for them - especially the goodness that is so hard to see as such.  It's all a piece of a puzzle, takes time to solve it. That's my reason to be happier.

Please do visit Davey Wavey Blog Page. He is a great funny guy and full with inspirations. I really love him. This is one of his YouTube video that inspires me. Enjoy!

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