Monday, November 1, 2010


It's the morning of the 1st November. I woke up around 8am today experiencing headache & muscle pain on my arm. I love to feel the pain on my muscle because I know, it is growing to be bigger. Then I stood in front of the mirror & start flexing my arm to noticed any differences. I am pleased with myself then I decided to take my breakfast. 

While I'm having a cup of hot Nestum, I browsed through a blog called The Pretty Boys' Club. Gay isn't it? Well, its a gay blog after all. Yes, its a perfect way to start a day looking at almost naked sexy muscular guys picture. I love what I saw but at the same time, I hate those guys. I started to feel jealous because I wanted to look that "hot" too. 

I started to think & make plan in my head. "I'm going to do abs after this, I'm getting fatter. I need to have a hard solid abs like these guys...", "Why wouldn't my body look like them??? Why is it so hard to build chest like them??? I need to work harder!"

I guess that's what motivates me to exercise. Apart from pleasing my eyes & satisfying myself, it urged me to have a body like them. Plus, it keeps me stay healthy, fit & sexy!

What motivates you to exercise?